2001 Mustang

2001 Mustang

Here's daughter Jill's pet car. She loves it. When her previous car was totaled from a tow truck rear ending her at a stoplight, she reminded me of her love of Mustangs. At one point I told Sharlet (my wife) that there was NO way we were getting Jill a Mustang. Well, after looking around at various options, I ended up getting this car for her - on Father's Day, 2005, no less. Needless to say, Jill loves it to death. It has a five speed, V6 (no I wasn't going to get a teenager a V8!), and 17" chrome wheels.

It was ok milage for its age (64,000 miles) and appeared to be in excellent condition when purchased, but we've had no end of problems and breakdowns with it. From power steering, to numerous brake problems (including a caliper that literally BROKE!), clutch and throwout bearing, cracked windshield, and MANY other problems -way too many for its age and condition. I'm not impressed, to put it mildly.


1968 Mustang GT-500E Convertable

This is Bruce's one-of-a-kind 1968 Mustang GT-500E, meticulously restored to much better than origonal specs. He did all the work himself except for paint. I got the second ride in it after he completed it and, believe me, it is a riot!

GT-40 stroked to 347, T-56 5 speed with shelby mods, 9" posi, mustang 2 rack and pinion setup, coil-overs,
Red-Fire perl off the 05-09 mustangs with a custom bronze-orange stripe.